More than I thought I’d ever know

Monday night, I was watching the pre-game show for Monday Night Football.  Who doesn’t like “C’mon Man!”  It’s a great lead in to the game.

As the cameras showed the commentators on the field, I noticed in the background over every gate that there was a hashtag displayed.


Pretty cool, I thought.  It means ….


I tried to think of everything that I could with those letters and drew a complete blank.

No problem.  I’m a relatively intelligent person.  I’ll just do a Twitter search for it.  I should be able to figure it out once I see it in context.

As I looked at the results, it was pretty clear that it had something to do with the football game between Washington and Carolina.  The letters just weren’t making any connections here.  It must be my cold that continues to linger.  I still couldn’t decipher it.

So, I did what any sane person would do…I went searching for it.

My go-to resource at times like this is TagDef.

Sure enough, there is was.

Once I saw the answer, there were two things that stood out to me.

  • I started humming the University of Michigan fight song
  • I also remembered the desire to change some team names.  After all, my old high school had changed its team name

So, I had my answer.

But, in true me fashion, I wondered what more I could learn.

I nipped over to where they had plotted the growth in the use of the hashtag in the past 24 hours.

Everything now becomes completely in focus.

Don’t we have such great tools well within reach?


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