Whatever happened to …

… postcards?

I guess it’s sort of related to last week’s post but it is different.  Thanks to Sheila Stewart for the idea.  Coming from the land of the Sleeping Giant or fantastically coloured Persians, there are lots of opportunities for great looking postcards.

There was a time when it was a mainstay of every trip for us.  We would send home a postcard to the kids to prove that we were where we said we would be on vacation.  For a while, they collected them but stopped – either because they got bored or frustrated that they didn’t get to go.  

When I think of Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill, I can’t help but think of the postcard stands that are an integral part of every souvenir store.

But it’s been years (decades?) since I actually bought one there – or anywhere else that I’ve been for that matter.

It’s a shame though; usually they feature some absolutely terrific camera work from someone who really knows what they’re doing.  They typically have access to vantage points that the average photographer just doesn’t have.

Then, when I heard this song, I also figured that it would be bad luck to send one.

How about you?  Are you a postcard sender?

As always, on this Sunday, please check in with your thoughts.

  • When was the last time you sent a post card?
  • From where?
  • Have you instead moved to “Checking in” with the social media application of your choice to let people know that you went somewhere?
  • Do you create your own photo albums and then share them via social media or other forms to show what you saw?
  • Has your phone and its digital camera made it easier and more personal to share trip details with others?

Please share your thoughts via comment below.

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