World Wide Tunes

Full thanks have to be extended to Roger Wagner for sharing this resource.

I haven’t had complete success with it but it’s still cool to play around the same. It’s called Radio Garden.

This is one of the neatest things I’ve seen in a while.  Take the world and put it in your browser and give it a spin.

The little green dots indicated radio stations.  Just rotate the globe and zoom in on a location to find the radio station from that area.  

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are so many but it did to me.  Zooming in and wandering around the globe gives you a real sense as to humanity and where populations exist.  I really found it quite addictive.  There are Jingles everywhere!

Where I didn’t have success, however, was in reliably picking up live radio stations.  Hopefully, it was just me and the time that I tried to tune in.



  1. It is interesting to not the difference between the number of stations in North and South America and Europe compared to the other continents. Would be a good provocation for a social studies lesson. What impact does this have on people’s access to information?


  2. I think the difference between expectation and actual behavior of this is that what it’s really doing is accessing radio stations that offer Internet streaming, and then using public records of the location of the source radio station to display the green dots. Someone might know that they had a real radio station near them, but be puzzled that it didn’t show up on the globe. The reason would be that the station wasn’t one that streamed their content. Still, the illusion and content that this provides is marvelous!

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