The PM’s got game

The Hour of Code was a nice opportunity for everyone and anyone to take a shot at putting together some code and experience the success of building something that actually works on a computer.

Prime Minister Trudeau was no exception.  He shouted it to the world via a message on his Twitter account.

It looks like he took his turn with a resource provided from  

What could be more Canadian that to write a game based on hockey.  Play it here.

Using your computer cursor keys, move your stick to smack a puck as it approaches.  After a few minutes, you’ll get a visualization of what a Maple Leafs’ goalie goes through nightly.

The actual game can be found and modded here.

But playing it is only part of the, er, game.  Click on the “How it Works” button to see the details.

You’ll note that the template can be changed for a number of different games with basketball being the default.

The whole initiative is a great leadership move, hopefully inspiring all to give it a shot.  You would also hope that teacher, principals, superintendents, and directors of education would do the same thing within their system.


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