Fun with snowflakes

Given the abundance of snowflakes that have fallen recently, it’s easy to be a hater.

But step away and enjoy the absolute beauty of the snowflake.  Hopefully, you enjoyed coding a few of your own yesterday.  I know that I did enough to make me want to write the post Coding Snowflakes.

You certainly were given enough tools to draw from the simple to the more involved.

and hopefully, came up with some beauties of your own.

It’s not a coincidence that your snowflake is displayed on graph paper.  

There’s mathematics everywhere and it would be a shame to not acknowledge this.  Your snowflake would surely display nicely on a data projector and interactive whiteboard or large screen display.  The set of additional tools there really lend to some further exploration and understanding.

  • Can you draw a snowflake with exactly 10 vertices?
  • Can you find a Line of Symmetry for your snowflake?
  • How many Lines of Symmetry does your snowflake have?  Are you sure?  There may be more. Don’t make assumptions.
  • Inside your snowflake, can you find other images – rectangle, square, triangle?
  • How many vertices (vertexes?) can you count?
  • Will the number of vertices around the outside of your snowflake always be an even number?
  • How many separate lines make up your snowflake?
  • Can you measure the angles inside your snowflake?  Which angles are always the same?
  • Why does Doug have green snowflakes?


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