Coding Snowflakes


A reason to do all this coding.  Google offers you the opportunity to create your own snowflake.

I can remember an activity pretty close to this in elementary school.  It involved paper, folding, cutting, (ripping), unfolding, smoothing it out, and then putting it under a text book for a while to get it as flat as possible.  Then, we got to take it home and share with mom and dad.  It was exciting at the time – imagine cutting symmetrical holes in the middle of paper instead of coming in from the edges.

I suppose that’s pretty tame by today’s standards.

If you’ve used Google Maps recently, you may have seen a link counting down until Santa takes off.  We’re all counting on this not being a fake news story.

Clicking through takes you to a December countdown of activities tracking Santa.  Kids today have it so good.  My advent calendar had chocolates.

In particular, take a look at #4 where you’ll be able to Learn how to Code a Snowflake.  If you used any of the many block coding languages available during the Hour of Code, you’ll be right at home here.

Below the cup of hot chocolate and the workspace, you’ll see your tools for the task.

In true block coding fashion, you just drag and drop them onto your workspace.  The little white triangle is an indicator that there are options available for each block.  So, maybe you want to rotate with an angle other than 30 degrees.  You’re covered.  You’ll be able to use two of the three coding conventions – sequencing and repetition – to create your snowflake.

This is no small task.  You’ll want to know exactly how many times to repeat until you get that perfectly symmetrical snowflake.  How many different kinds of patterns are available.?  You won’t know until you try them all.

Did anyone miss all the mathematics that’s happening here?


What would a snowflake be without a way to share it with mom and dad?

But first you’ll need a suitable background….

Then it’s time to share via your platform of choice or by email!  You have so many options.

Then, make sure you return to Santa’s Village and check out all of the other neat activities.  You’ll need to do it daily to get them all.

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  1. Hi Doug! Our class can’t wait to try out this fun coding activity as we continue our “Snowflake Journey”. PS, we found a typo. In paragraph 9, we think you meant to type “each” instead of “teach”. Mr. C’s Class


  2. I’m glad that we were able to bring proofreading into the activity, Mr. C’s Class. I have corrected the error. Thanks for making my post better.


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