What next?

Hopefully, everyone is relaxing from a successful Hour of Code event in your school as part of Computer Science Education Week.

Students learn so much about coding and each other; teachers learn so much about coding and their students.  

There’s something extra special about being able to apply your skills to make your computer or robot or device do something on your command.

Once you get success, you want more.

So, a good question is “What comes next after the Hour of Code?”

As I mentioned previously, I truly hope that this isn’t a one hour activity that you check off and then move on.  That defeats the whole purpose and reduces what could be a fascinating experience to just some unit that’s done out of context of the bigger picture.

Indeed, what does come next?

This will be unique for everyone but hopefully it’s forefront in your mind.

Some ideas:

  • expand on the concepts of your hour.  Could coding or the thinking behind it become a regular routine used for problem solving and analysis in the class?
  • start a school computer coding club
  • bring in guest speakers from the community to talk about how coding is important for them
  • take a look at other Hour of Code activities – not necessarily to learn another language but to get ideas about what sort of problems lend themselves to computer solution
  • join the ACSE Community – Association for Computer Studies Educators – a really helpful group of Ontario Computer Studies teachers whose goal is to help each other become better and more connected Computer Studies and Computer Technology teachers
  • check out the new Edugains resources for Coding in Elementary schools

Whatever you do, don’t stop.  Computers are everywhere in society and the sooner that students recognize that they can be in control with their set of skills, the better.

Stay tuned to the recent announcement from Ontario Ministry of Education who has committed to support schools with $150 Million dollars over the next three years.

My Hour of Code 2016 collection can be found here.

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