A puzzle to start your day

Here’s a little ditty to get your brain cells working this morning.

It’s called the Hour Maze.

The rules are pretty simple.  You have the numbers 1 through 12 that you have to put into the maze.  Select a number and then click on an empty cell.  In the early levels, you need to use each number twice.  Don’t worry; if you breeze through the early levels, it gets much, much more challenging later on.

The only catch when you’re putting the numbers in place is that they have to be surrounded by a number that would be next to it on a clock face.

Keep in mind that the number 1 is next to the number 12 at the top of the clock.

Isn’t logic fun?


One comment

  1. I was going to replace the word “fun” with “stressful.” Just shows how different people can be … In a way I think this speaks to the “coding problem” in schools. I wonder how many other educators feel as I do, but then go to that next logical step, and decide not to use these kinds of activities in class because they can’t solve them. Or maybe they worry that their students will feel the same frustration they do. How do we get comfortable with “not knowing,” but supporting “trying” in our kids? How do we also meet the need of that child that may feel like I (and others) do? Yes Doug, one word took me in a different direction. 🙂 Thanks for the morning read!



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