Where’s your grit?

I was in Baltimore over the weekend and was headed out of the airport when I saw it.  I grabbed my phone and tried to take a picture but the image was huge and I couldn’t do it justice.  I figured that there wouldn’t be a problem and that I could grab an image later online for the purpose of this post.  I could kick myself because I can’t find the image.

What it was was a promotion for UMBC, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  The message behind the promotion was “Grit”.  In particular, what does grit look like at UMBC.  I took a look at this huge promotion and didn’t catch the whole thing but it was a series of statements describing what grit looked like at UMBC.  I was so impressed with the statements.  If I was in search for a university, I’d certainly consider it.

In doing my hunt for that image, I found that UMBC actually has a House of Grit.

If you click on the yellow button, you can work your way through a series of questions – where the answers help you determine whether you’d fit into their scenarios.

The whole approach blew me away.  I know that schools celebrate their current successes as they happen.

But, what about a bigger, more permanent signage that the visitor to your school sees when they walk into the building.  Think about your entrance way.  What do you see?

Wouldn’t it be powerful if the first thing the visitor sees are examples of grit and what it looks like at the school?


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