I think I actually started to write this post in my comments about Tim King’s session mentioned in yesterday’s This Week in Ontario Edublogs.  It was titled “The DIY Computer Lab“.

In a related post from Tim’s blog, he shares some thoughts about Makerspaces and I think that it’s wise words for everyone.  You can read a couple of posts from his blog at the links here.

Now, his approach makes  immediate sense when you think about the Computer Engineering courses.  

As I noted in my comments, there has been a recent flurry of concerns for Computer Science labs being replaced with Chromebooks.  That can cause some real curricular problems and it’s tough to understand the logic in those purchases.  It’s another example of how disconnected various parts of the education system can be.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend Tim’s session, like me, you can still enjoy his wise thoughts in Prezi format here.

I think it’s an inspirational story that could, no, should be replicated everywhere.  And, not just in Computer Engineering courses.  

The age of locked down desktops and tablets should be behind us.  We talk about professionalism, best choices, differentiation, customization, failing, coding, digital citizenship, etc. and they are all lofty goals.  But these goals are compromised when a single “One size fits all” solution is thrust upon the classroom.  Great educators are searching for web-based solutions to bring alternatives into the classroom.  That doesn’t always give the ideal solution.

Today’s electronic consumer is not the naive person that requires handholding at every step along the way.  There has never been a time where we had so much capacity in educators and students.  We talk in negative terms about asking students to “power down” when they come to school.  What about asking teachers to teach with one hand tied behind their back?  Does that approach give the system everything that it needs in the year 2016?

Tim’s approach does.

If you just watch one YouTube video today, make it this one.

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