Added to my to-to list

I’m not above stealing a good idea and I got one from the Mega Minds on Media session.  

I was just having a chat with Roger Wagner of Hyperstudio/Hyperduino fame.  It was a great chance to pick his brain about constructivism and his products have always exuded the concept, as he describes it, “low floor, high ceiling”.

One of the projects that he was working with during his session at the Minds on Media session was a kiosk sort of activity.  

Hidden in a box was a Hyperduino with batteries and the wiring to make the magic happen.  In this case, the magic was a map of the United States.  When you close the box, on the surface, he uses touch sensors and LEDs to let the user explore his map for US Parks.

As we were talking, my idea hit me. 

With Canada’s 150th birthday next year, our National Parks will waive visitor fees.

It’s a no-brainer to marry Roger’s idea with student activity with the Hyperduino.  It’s one thing to read this good news; it’s even better to do some research and find out where these parks are in your region – or nation wide if you’re feeling ambitious.  Or have students or groups of students pick a province of their own and go from there.  

Of course, I’m here at the conference without my Hyperduino kit but it will be on my to-do list for when I get home.

What a great idea!  Thanks, Roger.

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