A song in your head

If this doesn’t put a song in your head, then I don’t know what will.

This is such an innovative way to use graphics to get you thinking (and humming)

Katrina McHugh has designed a number of infographics that make the connection between the graphic and the music.

All that you have to do is “read” and “interpret” the infographic.  If you do it correctly, you’ll be humming the song.

Extra credit goes if you can also name the musical artist.

Check out the collection here – “Classic Pop Songs, Reimagined as Infographics“.

To check your answer or to give up, just click on the infographic.  You’ll be transported to a page where you’ll get the answer.  And, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a copy of it as well.

Does this give you any ideas for the classroom?



  1. These are wonderful, and I’m going to be doing landforms with my kids in geography. Hmmmm…ain’t no mountain high enough (integers, too) . I so much appreciate the treasures you find!


  2. These are great, and also the Jukebox post! I will forward this to the people in my husband’s band as they play a couple of those:) and will no doubt get a chuckle. I have music on the mind because for BIT I figured out how to use Garage Band (finally) and made a mashup of about 40 songs with numbers in the lyrics to play while people are coming into the room. Dance party in Fallsview B:)


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