Online photo editing with Tuxpi

There was a time when there was one or two great photo editing pieces of software.  Once you learned how to use the software, you could turn the world on its end and create amazing things.  But it required a great deal of skill, the installation of the software, and quite frankly, learning a lot of the software features that you really might never use.

Turn to today.  People want to get the job done, with quick and easy access to commonly used tools and then use it.

Add in the popularity of Chromebooks and the fact that everyone likes to do things in their browser and you may need a different solution.

Enter Tuxpi, an online photoediting tool.

It doesn’t have the huge collection of tools and effects that your traditional tool does.  But, it’s quick and easy to get started, applies the effects instantly and all while inside your browser.

You need to start with a good picture.

The simplified editor lets you try effects easily and see the results instantly.

Save it and the job is done.

What could be easier and more effective?

Give it a shot.  It just might be the solution you’re looking for.

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  1. I use Pixlr and Snapseed on my phone, and I just discovered that Pixlr has a web-based version that’s very Photoshop-esque. It’s nice to have options 🙂

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