Beautiful words

I’m not a linguist by any stretch of the imagination.  I can hold my own at times in Scrabble and that’s pretty much where it ends.  Actually, I’m getting fewer suggestions for corrections to my blog posts so either I’m getting better or my editors have just given up.  Who knows?

The title of this article intrigued me.  “These 10 beautiful Spanish words have no equivalent in English“.

I saw this as a challenge.

Not to my Spanish speaking though.  My second language in school was programming.  My third was the compulsory French.

But every modern day computer user knows that we have tools and resources.  I thought I’d put them to the test to validate the claim in the title.

My regular go-to tool is Google Translate with my backup for a second opinion at times being Bing Translate.  How did they do?

My rules for this exercise – it’s got to be at least close enough that it seems to make sense in the translation.  (at least to me)

My judge will be the explanation in the original article.  Beyond that, I’ve got nothing.

Original Spanish Word  Google Translate  Bing Translate
Cotisuelto  Coti Suelto  Cotisuelto
Sobremesa  tabletop  Desktop
Desvelado  Sleepless  ✓  Unveiled
Encantar  Love  ✓  Enchant ✓
Botellón  botellón  Bottle
Friolento  chilly  Friolento
Pedorro  pedorro  Pedorro
Madrugar  rise early  ✓  Get up early  ✓
Tuerto  one-eyed  ✓  Tuerto
Enchilar  enchilar  Enchilar

My original thought that was simply returning the original word was a cop-out.  But, upon further reflection, that might not be a bad response.  That’s how new words get added to the language, isn’t it?

At least with this little test, the premise of the original article is pretty good.  Hopefully, you’re interested enough to give it a read.  Why don’t we have those words in English?

My conclusion?

Stay in school.  Your second or third language teacher has lots to teach you.  Your friend, the computer, isn’t always right.


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