I don’t like your title

Huffington Post has a new feature that I think has a great deal of potential.

How often do you see a title that doesn’t really do justice to a post or might be interpreted by some as “click bait” and ignored or perhaps it doesn’t pick up on the title at all?  However, you do want to share it.

Now, there are ways that you can do it now but it requires a little more work than I’m prepared to do.  I know that I’m skilled at copying and pasting but not for this.

Take this recent story.  “ESA Lander Prepares For Historic Mars Landing“.  It really is an interesting story.

If I was to do my regular sharing of this, I’d send it to Hootsuite and it would look like this.

But, in the body of the message is content that I think might be better information for those people looking for interesting things to read.  That’s where this new feature comes into play.  

Just highlight the text that you’d like to include in your message instead of the default of grabbing the title.  You’ll note that the logos for Twitter or Facebook appears. 

These are actually buttons.  Click the sharing service you desire…

The Twitter message becomes  populated and ready to go.  Well, it’s ready to go if I get rid of those extraneous characters.

It’s a nice feature and I hope that it’s one that catches on.  I think it will allow us to make our reading and sharing better.




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