Response to Spammers

After this blog’s brush with death last week, I had a couple of thoughts/worries:

  • what if legitimate comments had been caught by Akismet and didn’t get posted?  I know that I hate it when I leave a reply to a post and it doesn’t appear.  Typically, it’s because the blogger wants to approve all comments before they go public.  I’m too lazy to do that and I’d like to have the feedback immediate so that others can see comments and chime in.  Good comments only serve to enhance the message in the original post
  • why do Spambots still exist in this day and age?  Particularly on WordPress, dubious things are picked off and never meet the public eye anyway.  Maybe the spam wit and wisdom was just meant for me?

If that’s the case, then certainly I feel the need to share with you.  It would be selfish not to.


This started out interestingly.  I thought that maybe we’d have a discussion about Donald Trump’s taxes or something but we quickly spun to cricket.  I don’t subscribe to the cricket channel so am unfortunately out of my element.  I’m not sure what the third point was supposed to be.


I found the last existing person who uses Internet Explorer.  I’m sorry for this person’s problems; I just can’t support you.  Now, if the problem was with Edge….

Oh, and fix that sticky a key.


I surprise myself with my magnificent analysis at times too.


Sure, go for it.  I’m not sure what common niche we share but I hope it’s a good one.  I appreciate the concern for copyright but read on to see the Creative Commons license that I use.


You know, it would be nice if someone actually went looking for this blog instead of stumbling across it while looking for something else.  That really hurts.


I find it beneficial because I like to eat spaghetti.


I think this was meant for someone in Tecumseh.


And, with one click, all this nonsense is gone.  Nothing legitimate got caught.  

That’s a good thing.


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