It’s a puzzle

Who doesn’t like a good puzzle?

Who hasn’t grown up and solved at least one jigsaw puzzle?  It’s a great rainy day activity.

Who hasn’t started to do a jigsaw puzzle only to find out that a piece or two has gone missing since the last time that you did the puzzle?

Take it all digital and enjoy the best.

Solving puzzles has such great thinking potential.  The puzzle, chosen properly, could reach into the mathematics classroom.  How about a little symmetry? 

Head on over to the Symmetry Puzzle section on the Math Is Fun website and pick one.

With the fall migration in progress, I chose the butterfly.

How many coffee tables does this digitally represent?

Now, to dispel the notion that I don’t actually work through the things that I write about on this blog…

I will admit to an OMG moment when the pieces started to move around after solving it.  I hadn’t had a chance to do a screen capture to prove that I had done it!

Have fun.

And, of course, poke around the rest of the website for many, many more engaging mathematics activities.



  1. I never really thought about puzzles helping with symmetry before, but this does m:ake sense. I must admit puzzles frustrate me: they require a bit too much spatial sense to complete. That said, I can see the possible benefits. Thanks for sharing this resource. I wonder how puzzle players would feel about a digital version. Is it easier or harder to manipulate? Does it make a difference at all? I’m curious to hear what people think.



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