In a different way

I’ll admit to spending way too much time playing around with the history features of Street View yesterday.  

As we know, Google isn’t the only mapping service that’s available.  Could I do it using Bing Maps?

The short answer is no, but I found some other interesting things to amuse myself nonetheless.  I’m glad that I chose the Municipal Building in Lasalle for my example yesterday.  It’s my frame of reference for today.  

Let’s go, Bing maps.  

The street mapping view is pretty matter of fact as you would expect with any mapping service.  But, functional.

In the right corner, Bing Maps has a number of different views.

Streetside looks like its exactly what I’m looking forward to.  Unfortunately, when you chose the option, you get the little person icon like you would with Google Street View but it was red when hovering over Lasalle.  Red = not available.  I guess it’s understandable; they just haven’t got there.   But, there’s always the place I lived in Toronto.  I zipped over there and that option wasn’t available there yet either.  Sigh.  Just for yucks, I went to New York City and there’s a great deal of Streetside there but that wasn’t terribly helpful to me at this time.

Let’s go back to Lasalle.

An Aerial view looks like this.

Very cool, and interesting.  This Aerial view was taken while the area was under construction so it predates the image I saw yesterday.  There was a “Previous Version” button but that didn’t do what I had expected.  It took me to the old Bing Maps and not a previous image.  On we go.

Now, I’m motivated to check out Bird’s eye view.  It claims to be a better view of the aerial photography.

This image was done after the construction was complete so it wasn’t an enhanced version of Aerial view as I had expected.  I zoomed in for a bit more detail.  Very interesting; it wasn’t what I had expected, given the description, but I enjoyed poking around and taking a look.  

So, history was shown in a couple of different ways.  It’s dumb luck that I chose this location but I’m glad I did.  By poking around and exploring, I learned a great deal and hopefully have become just a little bit better as a world (well, at least Essex County) traveller.


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