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For the new school year, there will be many who are using Google Classroom for the first time.  The concept of a Management System, along with the desire to go digital and use less paper, has been a desire for many for a long time.  

There are a number of similar learning environments but many are going with the familiar way of doing things the “Google Way”.  After all, most people have been using Google resources for years and, certainly, with the influx of Chromebooks for students, it makes a great deal of sense.

Like any tool, there are a myriad of ways to use it.  

Yet, you have to start somewhere.

Hopefully, your district has been providing teaching resources and workshops to make sure that you get up and running quickly.

To that support, you may wish to add this document from Steve Wick.  It’s titled simply “Google Classroom Tips and Tricks“.

In a testament to the web and collaboration, the document isn’t complete.  Visitors are dropped into Suggestion Mode.  That allows the document to grow and become even more useful.

If you’re using Google Classroom, or contemplating using a Management System, or even using another system, drop by and check it out for ideas.

There are many ways to get the job done and reading all about great new ideas is always helpful.

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  1. Thank you, Doug. That’s a great starting point for teachers using Classroom (which I am this year).


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