What to do?

One of my favourite blog posts to write comes out every Friday.  I call it “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” and there have been well over 200 of these posts.

It’s my opportunity to help promote the great thinking and writing of Ontario educators.  As we know, the internet is huge and full of bloggers but I think it’s particularly important to recognize those from within the province.  I think that it’s the humility of our psyche that thinks that we need to stand second in line to others at times.  It’s my belief that nothing could be further from the truth.  Ontario thoughts need to be honoured and shared.

So, for a while, I’ve been keeping an eye on new followers or people in discussions and, if they have a blog, I add them to both of these places.  Bloggers can also self-enrol by completing the Google Form on the landing page.

It sounds like a lot of work and, perhaps it was in the beginning, but now I have a routine.  The biggest challenge is determining where the blogs go in alphabetical order since folks have the darnedest names for their blogs.

So, here’s my dilemma.

Having a blog is a good thing and people have created them for a variety of reasons.  

  • Sharing their thinking and learning
  • Sharing resources
  • Sharing your reflections on education or other things
  • You need one to prove you’re a 21st Educator (whatever that is)
  • It’s a requirement for an AQ course
  • It looks good in a professional bio
  • …who knows why?

I’ve always found it easy to blog.  I use it as my way to comment on things or, as we all know, we learn by doing.  So, I’ll experiment with something and then write a post to keep track of my thoughts.

My concern lies with those bloggers who haven’t blogged for a while.  There are a number of reasons to stop or abandon blogging and that’s OK.  It’s always a personal decision and theirs alone.

What do I do with the link to their blog though?  One of my pet peeves is reading a post “Top 10 Blogs to Follow” and then one of them hasn’t added anything in years.

For a while now, as I see a blog that hasn’t been posted to for a while, I’ve been dropping three asterisks next to it in the LiveBinder.  

Should I do more?  Since they’ve become dormant, is having the link there more of a bad thing?  I know that I get frustrated when I visit a resource that’s been seemingly abandoned.  

If it only was that simple.

The moment that I get the urge to delete – I take another look and, while the date may be old, it may have been a great thought or resource at the time.  We all didn’t start on this learning train at the same time.  Perhaps there is still the same value for the new blog reader.  So, I back away from the delete key.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts if you can spare a moment.  

Of course, it would be easiest if the original blogger just dropped a line and asked to be removed.  It’s happened once.

What would you do?  Keep building the list even though there are some dated resources or set up some sort of rule that indicates that, after a period of time, remove it.  


Author: dougpete

The content of this blog is generated by whatever strikes my fancy at any given point. It might be computers, weather, political, or something else in nature. I experiment and comment a lot on things so don't take anything here too seriously; I might change my mind a day later but what you read is my thought and opinion at the time I wrote it! My personal website is at: http://www.dougpeterson.ca Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dougpete I'm bookmarking things at: http://www.diigo.com/user/dougpete

3 thoughts on “What to do?”

  1. Doug, I was thinking about something similar recently. One of my favourite bloggers hasn’t blogged in probably almost a year (for a variety of factors), but when I’m asked about my favourite blogs, this person’s name often comes up. I wondered the other day if I should stop recommending this blog, but the information there, is still so relevant to now. I usually say, “while there haven’t been recent posts, there’s a lot of great content on there already.” I think that your *** share the same message. I would say to leave the blog. Maybe by the very nature that people are viewing it, the author will be inspired to blog again. Curious to hear what others think …


    P.S. Thanks for connecting so many of us through your blog posts and collections!

  2. I agree with the above. I have always appreciated why you have posted, Doug, and this organization seems logical. And I also agree- older posts serve a purpose for those coming new to the journey or wanting to go back and revisit something in a different context. Thanks for all you do.

  3. I keep a list of computer science educator blogs and a lot of them have not been updated recently. I think about cutting back the list but then every once in a while someone who hasn’t posted for months posts something new so you never know. Some times I resort the list putting the most active ones at the top. I figure at least that gives people the best chance of getting to someone active.

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