A refresher or an introduction

With the new school year on the horizon, this may be a timely resource to take a look at.

  • If you’re an experienced user of the internet, there are still things to learn
  • If you’ve taken a break from things this summer, you might want a refresher
  • If you’re taken the leap for the first time, there’s a whole different collection of jargon to learn
  • If you’re teaching any computer concepts, it’s always nice to have a collection of resources

The bottom line is that there’s something here for everyone.

I had to use it myself this morning.  Someone had texted me a message with an acronym that was new to me.  

I actually couldn’t find the reference so I’m wondering if the message was the victim of an auto-correct.  However, I did find a couple new ones that I just might inflict on someone else.  The internet is like that!  <grin>

Check out the resource here.

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