Truth in messages

I sent an email to someone yesterday and immediately got a reply.

Wow, they were waiting for me!

No, it wasn’t the case.  It was one of those canned replies.

“I’m out of the office and have no access to the internet.  I will reply to you when I get back.”

Fair enough.  I think that I had one of those auto-responders at one time.  At one time, being connected to the internet meant that you had this blue cable stuck into the side of a desktop computer.

Then, I flipped over to Twitter or Facebook or something and saw a message from the same person.

I thought that you didn’t have access to the internet?

When you think deeper, it’s only a small few these days that don’t carry around a cell phone that keeps them connected at all times.  I know some of them and they’re faithful readers of this blog.  More power to them.  But, the majority don’t fall into that category these days.  

So, the above message probably belongs in the days gone by for most.

Maybe it’s time for something truthful instead.

“I’m on holidays and I choose to ignore email until I return.  Thanks for your message.”

“I only answer job related emails at 9:30am on workdays.”

“I’m teaching – expect a message at the end of the school day.”

“I don’t do email – message me on <insert your favourite alternative here>”

With some of the advanced features in today’s email packages, you can even schedule the auto reply message depending upon the time/date.  Why not use it?  That would really impress people.  You have your own bot.

I could think of all kinds of other messages.  Couldn’t you?


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One thought on “Truth in messages”

  1. I don’t mind the auto-reply button, to make sure I have reached the correct person. I do agree with you in that perhaps that message need not “fabricate” the response. On the other hand, maybe I don’t always want to hear the truth, either. haha.


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