Power to the people

I continue to be impressed with the innovative features that Opera adds to its browser.  I think that it’s worth a download and run to check to see if it fits.  If you like the Google Chrome browser, you’ll feel right at home.  Opera uses the Blink engine from the Chromium project and comes with all kinds of goodness added.  In addition to all that, it runs Google Extensions so you’ll be able to have many of the same features plus the Opera specific things.

Earlier, I had written about its ability to block advertising right in the browser.  I wondered if this would set a standard for others to follow.  Great ideas are always appreciated and sometimes implemented by others.  Opera, for example, has had a Turbo mode where web pages are compressed with their server before sending them to you.  The result is a faster browsing experience.  Google Chrome now has the same functionality, if you wish, to have its servers do the same sort of thing.  

A new feature to Opera is one that’s worth a double look.  They call it the “Battery Saver“.  When you think about it, it makes a great deal of sense.  If you have a laptop, and do a lot of web browsing, does your browser have to have your computer running at full speed?

From the Opera website, a graph to show the feature in action.  Of course, we have to be mindful of claims and make sure to understand the language “up to”.  As they say, your mileage may vary.

It’s easy to give a shot.

When enabled, it appears as an icon to the right of your extensions…chances are, if you’re using Opera, you’ve been prompted already to give it a try.

Click it again and you’re in business.

The little slider will let you turn it off and on at will.  

Imagine a world where you’re not searching for an electrical outlet for a power boost.  

Author: dougpete

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