A whole lot of rolling

I will admit it.  One of my favourite toys these days is my Sphero.  I make no apologies for playing with it in the rec room when nobody is around.

There’s something about controlling a device that has always intrigued me.  Plus, there’s just something that’s so much fun about chasing the dog around.  I just need to be able to train him to roll it back to me.  When not doing that, I like to program it to run an obstacle course, changing colours at each turn.

I have a folder on my iPad devoted to apps that are “keepers” for Sphero.  I’ll download new ones as I find them but the ones that have hung on are:  The Sphero App (of course), Draw & Drive, Chromo, Drive, Lightning Lab, and Tickle.  I’m always on the lookout for new ones so please feel feel to suggest others.

At times, though, it would just be nice to have a few more ideas about what to do with Sphero.

The goldmine of inspiration can be found here, on the Sphero Education Pinterest board.

It’s full of all kinds of ideas to get even more productive with the device and your imagination.

There are 13 boards here with topics like SPRK Examples, SPRK Stories, Teacher Inspiration, …

If you’re a user of Sphero in your classroom, definitely check this out.  If you’re looking to convince someone with a budget to buy you some, show them the great ideas that inspire young programmers here.  If you have a dog, …

2 thoughts on “A whole lot of rolling

  1. Amazing – my coding club really has fun with our sphero – including making it imitate pac man on the lines in the gym! I’ll use this to help me convince my principal to buy some for my classroom!


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