One for the new year

I know that it’s a bit early to think about communication for the upcoming school year so just bookmark this and revisit it later when the time is more appropriate.

Want to Raise Extremely Successful Kids? Science Says Do These 7 Things Every Day

It’s unfortunate that the article starts out talking about parents giving students an advantage by living in a privileged neighbourhood.  That’s not an option for most people.  It’s particularly important for students.  They have to play with the cards that they are dealt. 

However, the 7 points in the article are something that can be done in every household.

  1. Make your kids do chores
  2. Teach them social skills
  3. Teach and demonstrate high educational expectations
  4. Teach them to develop good relationships
  5. Get them excited about math (early)
  6. Teach them to try. And not to worry about failing (or much else)
  7. Show them work ethic–and achievement

Each of these points is elaborated nicely in the article.  The free eBook is a nice addition. 

What’s particularly appealing about the list is that all of the activities are phrased in the positive.  You could take the article as is or elaborate depending upon your community.  I think I would go that route.  Particularly with the suggestion about getting excited about mathematics.  There are so many opportunities.  Even something as simple as going grocery shopping is rich with moments that are often lost.

So, I do recognize that it’s early.  Just bookmark the story for later or pass it along to your administrator. 


One comment

  1. Doug, while like you, I don’t love the comment about “privileged neighbourhoods,” I do like the list of 7 suggestions. I wonder though if these could also be areas of focus for teachers. These seem like good reminders to me for school and for home. (Maybe this will even inspire a blog post of my own.) I’m curious to hear what others think.



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