Victoria Day

It was only recently that I came to call today’s holiday Victoria Day.  Growing up, it was always “the 24th of May” although it seldom occurred on May 24.  

Regardless, it was the first great holiday of the summer (although it’s in the spring).  On the Tuesday back to school, it was the start of the slide towards the end of the year.  Of course, I changed my tune when I became a teacher.  It was now the time to “buckle down”, get those assignments in, ask for extra help, get ready for examples, … Oh, and time to open the pool, get the plants planted (surely we’ve seen the last of the snow)

Next week, it’s Memorial Day in the United States.  I thought that I’d compare the two and so turned to

Hmm.  It looks like it doesn’t even exist.  Oh well.

Now, I figured that Victoria Day was celebrated throughout the Commonwealth.  It turns out that I was wrong there as this article from McLeans Magazine explains.

Why Canada is the only country in the world to celebrate Victoria Day

There’s always something new to learn.  It seems to be the thing that generates at least a story a year.

Happy Victoria Day to those that celebrate.

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  1. You always teach me something. 🙂 Younger philosopher boy at this house was musing quite a bit this weekend about why we might still be celebrating Victoria’s birthday, all these years later. Will pass this on, to help with his thinking.


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