An interview with … me!

Well, I’ve finally made the big time.

This past week, I was interviewed in Royan Lee’s #MyWordflow series.  You know what they say about paybacks!  Royan was the first that I ever interviewed in my own series of interviews.

Particularly when online, it’s interesting to take a peek at the person behind the keyboard.

The #MyWorkflow series asks educators who are active creators on social media to share how they do their work. Today we speak to Doug Peterson, one of the originals when it comes to networked education. None can compare to the efforts Doug has put, and still puts, into connecting “active educators” across Ontario. Whether it’s through his dependable Follow Fridays on Twitter, or his frequent compilation of Ontario Edublogs on his Off the Record blog, Doug has been instrumental in fostering connected learning in this province and beyond.

The interview is located here.

Clicking through to Royan’s blog will let you read all the interviews that’s part of his workflow series.  It’s interesting to compare the answers to what you might have thought about the person.

It’s not the first time that someone has been curious enough to interview me.  Vicky Loras and I chatted with the recording here.


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