What’s next with #BIT16 proposals?

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal for the Bring IT, Together 16 Conference.  This three-day event will feature a wide variety of topics and presentations geared for Ontario Education.  The presentations submitted are guaranteed to make this excellent educational technology conference even better than ever.


What’s next?


The next steps are in the hands of the conference committee.  There are far more presentation proposals received than there are time slots!  So, the entire committee will be evaluating all of these and attempting to put together a slate featuring the best of the best.

It will take about …

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Whatever happened to …

… the Livescribe Pen?

I was doing some archive editing and noticed that this was a heavy topic of discussion a few years ago.  Like so many things related to technology, it was promoted as a “game changer”.  Students/Teachers could take notes and audio at the same time.  You’d never forget a moment and would have things remembered forever.

Around here, I keep my own Echo pen charged but the LED doesn’t display with the sharpness that it once had.

The product hasn’t gone away. 

You can still find it in these places, among others.

The product line has certainly grown and changed over the years.

There still is a great deal of discussion on Twitter about it.  It’s interesting to see the references to Sketchnoting and the Moleskin notebooks look very cool.  The thing is that it’s not coming from the big fans that I remember with their game changing claims from a few years back.

So, I wonder … what’s the status in Ontario schools? 

  • Has it gone away with cursive writing? 
  • Are people using tablets and fingers to replicate the original concept?
  • Has the price drop for tablets, phones, Chromebooks made a shift in buying patterns?

I’d love to hear if you’re using them and the results you’re having?  Please leave your updates in the comments below.

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