Do I need a note?

I suppose that this comes under the openness and transparency philosophy.

At this page, Ontarians can check the attendance of their Cabinet Ministers for Question Period.  Note what isn’t included in the list.

Question Period is something that I do watch, at least for a bit, every now and again.

It isn’t riveting television but it does give you an insight as to how the government of the day is accountable to the electorate through questions from non-Ministers to the Ministers.  It can be wild and noisy and I’ve never understood why it was so important to bang on your desk unless it’s to be heard.

Ever since I was a child, going to school was important and my parents really emphasized this.  Even doctor and dentist appointments were scheduled for after school or on Saturday so that I could attend school.  Of course, at the dinner table, I gave the standard student response “Nothing” when asked what I did at school.

I maintained the same philosophy later in life as a parent and as a teacher.  I’ve even got a couple of letters from my employers celebrating my good health.  At the same time, there some times when sickness really kicked in – hard.  What other profession comes in contact with so many germ carriers?

As a home room teacher, you know the importance of taking attendance and collecting notes after student absences.

So, as I look up and down this list, I’m pleased to see the number of Ministers with 100% attendance.

Yet, there are some with less than perfect attendance records.

It makes you wonder – do they have to bring in a note the day after they’re absent?

Sometimes teachers do.


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