Gone skiing …

… at least virtually.

This may be old news to some but I just found it the other day and have been playing with it ever since.

There was a story on the news about Wasaga Beach.  That got me thinking about some of the great beaches that Ontario has to offer.  Grand Bend, Bayfield, Goderich, Kincardine, Southampton, Sauble, …  And that’s just on Lake Huron.  In my youth, I used to visit them all.  These days, I have more of a Lake Erie focus.  Max Webster did their research.

Anyway, back to Wasaga.  If someone was interested, you could start in Grand Bend and follow Highway 21 along the coast to Highway 26 and scoot over to Wasaga and hit all these great beaches en route.  Admittedly, it is quite a bit of a scoot.  A more direct route for me would be to take Highway 4 and enjoy the drive through Wingham, Walkerton, Hanover, Durham, Flesherton, … 

I was “in” my car driving the route on Google Maps.  But, as I left Flesherton, I saw a squiggle to the north. 

Whaaa?  Has Google Maps got a hiccup?

So, I took a detour and zoomed in.

Those squiggles were actually ski runs!  I’d never noticed this before.

I took to zooming in and looking around at the names.  Could it get any better?  Could it?  I grabbed the Pegman from the draw and I’ll be darned if all the trails didn’t turn blue.  They’d been photographed!

You know what I did next.  Well, second.  I first checked to see if the Pegman had grown skis.

Seeing none, I went skiing.

It’s been a few years since I’d been to the Beaver Valley.  I’d forgotten how beautiful it is.  I spent considerable time and bandwidth just running the hills.  I didn’t fall once.

What a trip!  It certainly was a new experience for me.  For my friends from Grey County, how long has this hidden gem been there?  Are there details about how it was mapped?  Snowmobile? 

My apologies to Wasaga … I got sidetracked.

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  1. As a little teachable note, we always have intermediate students that go skiing before that have never tried out skiing in the past (and some, that have never even seen ski hills). This might provide a good introduction that could reduce stress (I’m thinking self-regulation now) and give students a closer look at the environment as well. Even if they’re not going to these hills, they could have something to compare to their upcoming school experience. I wonder if this is also possible on other ski hills.


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  2. Now you have me thinking about checking this out in fairer weather, to see how many of these spaces convert their runs to mountain bike venues, which is information one of the people at this house is very interested in (ever since we visited Sugarloaf in New Brunswick several years ago, which repurposes its lifts and runs in summer to create an extreme experience for the mountain bike community).

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