My social, daylight saving, error correcting friends

I was up early again this morning.  We all know that we had to get up at 2am to change the clocks, right?  I can’t wait for the Internet of Things to get that right. 

As I sit here, I can see lots of clocks:

  • the one in the top right corner of my computer screen
  • the clock I got from OSSTF
  • the clock I got from my former employer
  • the metallic clock that just looks funky and so I bought it years ago
  • the clock on my radio
  • the clock on my phone
  • the watch on my arm

Don’t worry – I won’t bore you with pictures of them all.

Some of them switched automatically because that’s what they do.

Then, there are the clocks that I don’t see.

  • the clock on my ipad that’s currently off and charging
  • the clock inside my router
  • the clock that’s inside this other thing that needs a battery

All that from one viewpoint.

Like most people, I suspect, we’ll be finding yet another time source over the next week and will be checking to see if it changed automatically and manually adjusting those that didn’t.

Who remembers Windows XP that changed the time automatically but the first time you logged in after doing so, you were prompted to make sure that it did it right?

The time change is such an intriguing time.  I like bringing up the guide on the television and try to spot the hour that we lost.  It can’t be done.

Time change is important when you’re a blogger that schedules posts to appear at the same time.  You’d think a 5am post would be beyond scrutiny. 

So, I’m up early and head down to the rec room to watch the morning news, passing all these clocks, to see if the clock on the television is right.  My phone bings; incoming message.

It’s from Aviva.  The time was precisely 5:08.  “Your post didn’t appear this morning.  Think it’s the time change?”

The coffee hadn’t even stopped dripping yet so my eyes aren’t completely focused.  I check on the phone.  Sure enough, she’s right.  There was nothing posted.

I open my computer and the time had changed and I recall debating things yesterday.  Should I schedule it for 4am so that it appears at 5am?  Nah, that would be silly.  WordPress knows where I live and that the Eastern Time Zone changes. I’ll just schedule it for 5am as per routine. 

Wrong again.

A click here and there (change the now 6 to a 5), an apology to Aviva and all is right with the world.

Later, there’s a message from Lisa that I catch during my rainy dog walk about the post.  My immediate thought – what else did I screw up?  I was pleased when I got home and found out that she actually just liked the post.  Bonus! 

It’s wonderful to have such good social conscience friends.  Thank you again, ladies.  I’m sure that Sheila will check in later.

For tomorrow, Aviva…


4 thoughts on “My social, daylight saving, error correcting friends

  1. So glad to be part of the club! Hope I give you lots of positive feedback, too. 😉 I learn so much from what you share. Thank you for that.


  2. On the “late” shift again.. 🙂 It’s amazing that we survive this time change every year 🙂 We will feel normal by Friday again, right? 🙂


  3. And as Lisa said, we are here for the learning first … the correcting, well, we come by it honestly 🙂 And it is what friends do.. 🙂


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