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Who did you challenge?

Happy First Day of the March Break.

If you’re a Twitter user, hopefully you’re following the hashtag #BIT16.  It’s only here that you can enjoy the discussions from now until the November conference.

It’s also here that you can follow “The Great BIT Proposal Challenge“.  This is a combination challenge to get people who might not otherwise consider presenting at the conference or presenting on “that” topic and also an opportunity to publically acknowledge the great things that Ontario Educators are doing.  The bottom line is what better way to do both than on social media?  After all, it is 2016.

The format is pretty straight forward.  Just send a Twitter message in this format.  “I challenge @xxxxxx to submit a proposal to talk about xxxxxx at #BIT16”  (or some variation).  And, if you see a good challenge, don’t hesitate to retweet it.

I know that I’ve done my fair share of challenges.  These are people that I truly think have ideas that the rest of the province should hear.

You can see all of the challenges by following this link.  (or at least those who followed the rules so that my search could find them.  Ontario Educators are so great because often they don’t follow the rules.)

This is a search result that I scan on a daily basis.  From the results, it’s interesting to see….

  • people who I’ve never seen present before being identifed
  • recognition for awesome projects and ideas that I’ve only heard about but now I want to know more
  • the wide variety of topics reaching into virtually every classroom
  • Ontario Educators are so creative

If all those challenged were put on the agenda, it would absolutely be the best conference ever with all kinds of ideas and inspiration. That’s one of the reasons for going to a conference – the other is to make new connections.  This would have it all.

It’s not too late; if there’s someone you work with, have heard about, or interacted via social media or on their blog, acknowledge it and give them the push that they might need to submit a proposal for the conference.  Make the selection committee really work.

And, of course, if you’re doing something worth sharing, just go ahead and submit your own proposal.  If you want to be publically embarrassed, let me know.  I’m not above that!

But don’t wait too long – proposals end March 31.


Please share your thoughts here. I’d enjoy reading them.

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