Even more danger

As I was doing research for my post yesterday, I ran into this resource.

Write or Die 2

I just know that, with a title like that, my Grade 10 English teacher had to be on the development team!

Of course, you’ll want to check out the Consequence Mode to see what happens.  For academic purposes, of course.  Then, step up your game and try out the Kamikaze Mode.  As I’m doing this, I realize that my English teacher is back at it.  She’s encouraging me to write even if it’s to see what happens.  Then, of course, you’ll want to stop to see what sort of damage could be done with your text!

If you like the concept suggested yesterday of this as a challenge to motivate computer science students, there’s even more devilish fun hidden away here.  As I play with it, I could picture just some former students who would delight in doing something like this.  I’ll also admit to writing this in a room all by myself to avoid the curious looks.

Of course, there’s also the kinder, gentler side of writing.  Why should it just be punishment?

How about encouragement for doing things right?

Just don’t make assumptions about what to expect!

Why not make writing fun?  Give it a shot and see what you think?  What’s unique is that you’re not just limited to the web for this.  Apps for your iOS device are also available.


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