Q:  How do you keep me busy for hours?

A:  Give me something new to do with maps.

Consequently, yesterday was pretty much shot thanks to Snazzy Maps.

If you think you know everything about Google Maps, you haven’t played around here.  It’s a wonderfully simple concept.  Take any Google map and apply a style to it.

Why would you want to do this?  Google Maps is great and uses a format so similar to the traditional road map.  (try explaining road map folding to today’s youth…)  But there are times when you might want a different look.  Perhaps you’re looking for something to match the colour scheme of a page you’re working with?  Or, you are using a data projector and the image seems overly bright and washed out.  Or, maybe you’re looking for something that will photocopy and show a better image? 

I’m sure that once you play around with it, you can come up with reasons of your own.

So, your Windsor/Detroit area looks like this on Google Maps.

But a dark shadow has appeared.  It could be from the Republican debate on Thursday or maybe I’m just setting the mood for my latest story.  I just applied this theme – Parks Week: Near Te Papa.

The results are quite impressive.  Settle in – there are pages and pages of different styles.  If you’re into maps, I think you’ll find it quite addictive.

Now, I’ve just done a couple of screen captures for the purpose of this post.  If you’re going to get serious about using this, you’ll want to read the About page to get complete details about what more you can do.

I’m betting that you’ll take a while to decide on your favourite.  It’s certainly easy to do in the online editing environment.  Your theme appears in the left pane and your live map in the right.

Oooh!  A green one!

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