Mapping and trivia

Are you up for a little trivia and then plotting the answers on a map?

Then you need to check out Smarty Pins – a withgoogle application.

It’s a simple concept.  Start a new game and go with categories “all over the map” or pick a particular category.

While I normally have challenges with wide open challenges like this, I felt pretty proud of myself that I was able to do as well as I could.

A question challenges you to drop a pin on a Google map as your answer.

Of course, you’ll want to answer as quickly as you can, for bonus kms, and drop that pin as close to the answer as possible. Your kilometres remaining are decreased by the distance from your drop to the actual location. (Don’t forget to zoom in…)

If your mistakes exceed the km remaining, you’re done.

And, there are rewards for accumulating correct answers.

Now … to go for the gold!

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