Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photo credit: Prawny from morguefile.com

Anyone planning to overload on cinnamon hearts?

To celebrate, did you marry wisely?  Or, if you’re not married yet, do you want some help so that you can refine your efforts?

Then, most definitely, you have to check out “This Chart Shows Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs and Janitors“.

Now, this is based upon research and we know that research informs decisions, right?  The results are the findings from US Census Bureau data.

Be careful not to mouse over the grid until you’ve at least checked out yourself.  So, I entered “Secondary School Teacher”.  My results.

I blew it again.  But then, when I got married, I didn’t know any other teachers in the profession.

So, I bucked the trend and ended up outrageously happy anyway.

According to the data, my wife didn’t fare any better.

Well, maybe a teacher could be considered a “Miscellaneous Manager”.

Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!



  1. Ha this is awesome, Doug!

    I entered Other Teachers and Instructors and got a top pairing with Miscellaneous Managers and lower pairing with Industrial and Refractory Machinery Mechanics! As long as he’s a good and hard-working guy, it’s fine with me : )))

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Laurelanne!


  2. That’s just weird, and I have to admit that the division into “male” and “female” professions drives me more than a little bonkers. (Is truck drivers there as a category on the female side?). I had to laugh at the elementary school teacher- truck driver combination. I did date a long-haul trucker for a while, and it was kind of perfect in the sense that I got a ton done during the week while he was away, and then my weekends were available to spend time with him. Not sure that model would have held once kids were on the scene. 🙂

    And where’s my fabulous clergy spouse match-up – thought I guess he could also be seen as a “miscellaneous match-up”.

    Thanks for admitting that you belong to the “outrageously happy” club – me, too! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!


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