Curating Groundhogs

It’s that time of year.  With the calendar rolling over the February, it’s time to count the weeks/days until March Break.

Or, in the immediate future, there’s always Groundhog Day tomorrow.  It’s generally a happy type of day although not so much this year in Winnipeg.

This post is a post from the past – last year – where I shared the Groundhog Day resources that I’ve curated over the years.

Enjoy – Curating Groundhogs from 2015.

As I copied and pasted that link, I noticed that it had a -5 at the end of it.  That’s WordPress’ way of saying that there are five posts all with the same title.  I guess I’ve really gotten into groundhogs over the years.

Here’s a link to all of them.

2 thoughts on “Curating Groundhogs

  1. Doug, I haven’t looked through all of the resources yet, but I do like how some of them promote critical thinking and allow for connections to bigger topics (such as light). I don’t teach Grade 4, but if I did, Groundhog’s Day might provide a nice kick-off to the science unit on light. There’s also some potential for inquiry (or at least questioning). Are we as reliable as groundhogs? If we see our shadows, will groundhogs see theirs? Why a groundhog? How does the shadow help determine an early or late spring? These are just some of my wonders. I wonder what children think. I think of one of my SK students who’s away now. She was obsessed with shadows. Groundhog Day would have held a lot of interest for her. My point to all of this is that if we’re going to celebrate Groundhog Day with our students, let’s try to make it meaningful. Do we all need the groundhog puppet? What other option might there be? Thanks for providing many!


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