Problems surface

My activities over the past 24 hours would be very predictable to anyone who really knows me.  I watched football, walked the dog, and woke up to do some reading.  I guess I’m just that boring.

I had to smile though; usually there’s a rundown of what went right for the winning teams from the previous day’s football game.  There was a bit of that but mostly the lead stories had a technology bent to them.

And I could go on and on but I think by now you’ve got the gist of things.

Of course, geeky person that I am, I had to read them all.  It was actually a nice collection of stories from sports sources and technology sources.  The most entertaining and, at the same time informative, came from the Reddit conversation.  There’s no surprise there.

I remember the announcers talking about it as it happened.  The whole bank of Surfaces on the Patriots’ side were down.  Of course, anyone who has even worked in a school and has seen one computer lab go down while the others are working, realizes that the chances of all the actual computers failing at the same time is about 1 in a gazillion.  Instead, you look for the kid closest to the ethernet connector to see where her/his hands are.

Reddit quickly identified the problem as a network one as the discussion turned to what model of Surface Microsoft had provided for the teams. 

On a personal note, my thought was that Denver shouldn’t have been able to use theirs until the network was restored.  I didn’t feel too badly – after all, these were the Patriots.

Now, I’m old enough to remember when physical pictures were taken and sent to the sidelines to review what was happening.  As a former coach, I recall portable whiteboards and dry erase markers (considered high tech at the time).

It’s just too bad for truth in reporting, that none of the titles identified the problem for what they were – networking issues.  A call to the Help Desk had them up and running 20 minutes later.  Try getting that response anywhere else.  Again, my geeky mentality wants to know just how big the support team is for the network and the Surfaces.

At least, as The Verge commented, they weren’t identified incorrectly as iPads as they were earlier this year.

Although, I’m sure that Microsoft wouldn’t have minded this time.


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