A couple of projects

You know, it doesn’t make any sense to have a “connected classroom” (whatever that means) unless you’re connected to something.

I’ve seen a couple of projects fly by on Twitter the past couple of days that look interesting and are worth your time for a second look.

Virtual Valentines: Melting the Miles between Classrooms

Notification of this project came via a Twitter message from Stacey Wallwin.  It looks like some schools from Superior-Greenstone are already in.

The map which displays the classrooms involved in the project does indeed let you know that this project could meet its goal of “circumnavigating the globe”.

What RESONATES with you?

Peter Cameron’s class is heavily vested in adventure and is looking for partners.  Here’s the message that caught my attention.

Are you interested in bringing this sort of excitement to your classroom?  Drop Peter a note and see how you can get involved with their next adventure.  The more the merrier.

Of course, there are common threads to both of these opportunities. 

  • You’ve got to be connected in a meaningful way.  If you’re involved, you need to be committed.  I’ve seen so many projects fail because there’s the initial buy-in but no follow-through;
  • There’s the geographic bit.  Oddly enough, both Stacey and Peter call northern Ontario home and yet the connections are at considerable distance from there.  The excitement and enthusiasm could come from anywhere though.

So, are you and your students up for a new project for the upcoming year?  Check these two as possible candidates.

4 thoughts on “A couple of projects

  1. Hi Doug,
    When I was in the classroom there were two, maybe 3 things I absolutely needed in order to do meaningful things with the technology I had – which was, by the way, merely hardwired internet connection and 2 desktops! 🙂

    One, a reliable internet connection opened us up to the world, and then two, logo, in the form of MicroWorlds Jr brought coding (we called it programming lol), to us in a form that had no bounds in what kids could create…it was fabulous!

    The third thing, was global projects, which I heard about through Peter Skillen and iEARN.org. Peter wrote yesterday about Global Dignity Day, which is another to add to your list.

    Here are some of my favourites from iEARN.org – I think they are all still underway.

    Also the Machinto Peace Project is one I enjoyed with Junior Students: https://bsherry.wordpress.com/2009/11/21/global-projects-connecting-kids/

    If your readers are interested in finding some like-minded educators, they could post their projects on iEARN as well. They welcome new projects all the time!

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