Deep memories

As I was writing the post about putting the news in context, I was exploring neighbourhoods with Open StreetMaps, Google Maps and Google Earth.  I was having a great time just noodling around here and there.  I almost forgot what I was doing and that would have meant not writing the post.  Such is the bane of a forgetful mind.

It’s funny how looking down on locations can give you an entirely different perspective.  Close to Forster Secondary School is the University of Windsor.  Just about all educational buildings can be quickly identified by their tracks and football/soccer fields.  So, spotting the University of Windsor was a piece of cake.


It’s certainly so much easier when a school has artificial turf and their names painted on it!  Even I could find it with no problem.

This, compared to my old high school.


We had real grass and, if the overhead cameras had taken a picture on game day, you’d see a fairly well lined field.  I say “fairly” because one of the challenges of a real turf multi-purpose field is that it is seldom flat so when the field is limed, the lines are never perfectly straight.  As a football coach, I’ve blamed many such things as a shortage for a first down!

Of course, if you have a new school, then you get all the goodies.  Air conditioning that works and a beautiful new playing field perfectly visible from space.


As Grade 8 nights approach, I’ve always wondered why school districts don’t do a documentary to promoted themselves “Great athletics happen here”.

To show that I don’t play favourites, here’s a picture of St. Thomas of Villanova which is right around the corner from my old high school.


Now, what’s really unique about this school is the design.  If you look, you can see that the school is built in the shape of a “V”.  I was always impressed with that.  You just can’t do the same thing when your school starts with the letter “S”.

How’s that for a lead-in to what I really wanted to talk about today.  I’m happy with myself.  Like most people, I can be forgetful.  I mean, how many times have I walked into a room and forgot what I was going to do.

I love this quote –

“Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in? I think that is how dogs spend their lives.”
    -Sue Murphy

So, tying all this together.  My mind was happy when it remembered a post from a long time ago.  2009 is the date in the post.

It’s called “Google Maps Typography” and is one person’s attempt to find every letter of the alphabet using Google Earth in his state in Australia.  It’s a fascinating look at earth locations other than looking for football fields!  Each of the letters is linked to the original location so, of course, you can see the original in context.


Here’s a link to a similar project.

There have been so many interesting things discovered from the air using Google Earth.  It puts an entirely different spin on your community, your province, your world.

What letters can your students find in your community?  It’s an interesting question and just doing the task is a rich combination of computer skills.  Of course, the simple task is to find the “what”.  It gets really interesting when you search for the “why”.



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  1. Super cool! This would be a really interesting and engaging way to get some of our primary classes to be comfortable with tools like these. Maybe even our youngest, on their iPads?

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