Response to Spammers

As I wrote my end of the year blog summary quote, I realized that I had missed acknowledging a very important element of the blog – spammers.  Their very presence keep the number of hits per day high, I think, and adds to the number of comments.  Unless you have a blog of your own, you probably don’t appreciate their efforts.  Heck, you don’t even see them.  So, here’s an update on the sort of nonsense that you don’t ever have to see.

It is fun to comment.


I don’t know.  Even the most illiterate computer users wouldn’t ask that question – the blog URL is, after all.  I’m sorry to hear that you’re having security problems but that’s part and parcel of hosting it by yourself.  It’s a nasty world out there and, if you’re not diligent in applying updates, you’ll be under attack.  There are services that will actually block you from visiting a compromised blog.  My logic has always been is that WordPress is on the cutting edge and have a team to keep things up to date so that I don’t have to – I just blog.  It works for me but, as regular readers know, it isn’t the way that others view things.  More power to them.


My editors would have a field day on your use of the language!

I’m not sure that I see your logic.  Are you sure that you’re thinking about this blog?


OMG!  It’s my high school English teacher back with the pat on the back inspiration to become a writer.  I’m not sure that there’s room for another famous blogger.  Guy Kawasaki and his team has that position wrapped up completely.


If you poke around, you’ll notice that I’ve put a Creative Commons license on my work so knock yourself out.


What amazing process.  Down four pounds in a week and your heart can handle it?  I’m impressed.  If you get the jitters from bad spelling or language, perhaps you should stay away from here.  When it comes to spelling, I’m “that guy”, right Lisa?


Damn!  I was going to hire you for a job talking about Digital Citizenship until you wrote that.


If it was, him ass is pretty talented.


Maybe we can catch up at the CSTA Symposium if you’re really from California.  I’ll bore you in person.


Wow, the return of my high school English teacher.  Surely, that’s a level four comment.  I’m sorry that you got cut off before you left me some advice about next steps.  I mean – is there life after scoring “perfect website”.


Fortunately, none of this stuff goes forward and is posted to the blog as part of the regular activity.  If so, I’d really have some concerns.  I do, however, poke through these every now and again in case a legitimate comment is mistakenly flagged as spam.  Kudos to Akismet though; it does a pretty good job of keeping things honest.

I do wonder though, does a spam visitor/commenter actually drive the count up?

It doesn’t really matter; it’s just another in a long list of wonders.


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