Just being nice

It was a nice click bait title for an article "Canadians more upbeat than US neighbours, at least on Twitter".  I thought it was a little bizarre because I'd never noticed it in my online circles.  But, they're typically Computer Science and other educator types and they're the best of the best. Now that's not … Continue reading Just being nice


OTR Links 01/11/2016

The Shabazz Center on Twitter: "No matter who they are... https://t.co/4LSqpQce98" RT @ShabazzCenter: No matter who they are... https://t.co/4LSqpQce98 No matter who they are... pic.twitter.com/4LSqpQce98 — The Shabazz Center (@ShabazzCenter) January 11, 2016 tags: IFTTT Twitter via:packrati.us Peel School Board on Twitter: "This. #SnowDays https://t.co/69Z4ugXD4c" A @PeelSchools original it seems. #SchoolPR https://t.co/j83kCkiNSv — Carla Pereira … Continue reading OTR Links 01/11/2016