Just being nice

It was a nice click bait title for an article “Canadians more upbeat than US neighbours, at least on Twitter“.  I thought it was a little bizarre because I’d never noticed it in my online circles.  But, they’re typically Computer Science and other educator types and they’re the best of the best. Now that’s notContinue reading “Just being nice”

OTR Links 01/11/2016

The Shabazz Center on Twitter: “No matter who they are… https://t.co/4LSqpQce98” RT @ShabazzCenter: No matter who they are… https://t.co/4LSqpQce98 No matter who they are… pic.twitter.com/4LSqpQce98 — The Shabazz Center (@ShabazzCenter) January 11, 2016 tags: IFTTT Twitter via:packrati.us Peel School Board on Twitter: “This. #SnowDays https://t.co/69Z4ugXD4c” A @PeelSchools original it seems. #SchoolPR https://t.co/j83kCkiNSv — Carla PereiraContinue reading “OTR Links 01/11/2016”