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There’s never a good time for a refugee situation like we’re experiencing.  To make things worse, Canada had an election and the United States is on the road to an election.  The refugee situation led/leads to a big discussion point, very politically minded.  Students can be very influenced by the media and certainly some of the inane comments are inescapable.

Fortunately, the classroom teacher is there to provide a sense of the current reality.  Yesterday’s post about Two Billion Miles has to be the most classroom ready resource I’ve seen to date.  However, there are some other really appropriate resources to assist for the types of discussions that are bound to arise.

The refugee system in Canada

From the Government of Canada website, a discussion of how the system works and how refugees can expect to be supported when they get to Canada.


Again, from the Government of Canada website, a discussion of how the refugee system will work specifically for those coming from Syria.  Of particular interest is the section about “Milestones and Key Figures”.

How does Canada’s refugee system work?

A discussion, in highly readable language, about how the system works.  Of particular interest is the discussion of claims made from within Canada and those made from outside Canada.

Resources for organizations working with Syrian refugees

Resources and advice from the Province of Manitoba

Teaching About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Advice and lessons for teaching about the Syrian Refugee Crisis.  I Am Syria is non-profit organization composed of educators trying to provide rich resources for the classroom.  Please note that this is not a Canadian resource.

7 Top Classroom Resources for Teaching Syria

From PBS, a collection of lesson plans for teaching about the refugee situation.  In particular, lesson seven which uses an infographic to show Syria’s Allies and Enemies is intriguing.  Again, please note that this is not a Canadian resource.

6 Resources for Teaching About Syria

Another collection of lessons from the Institute for Humane Education (some duplicate from the above) for teaching about the situation.  Again, please note that this is not a Canadian resource.


A Flipboard collection of resources and images from Syria.  Note that this is a dynamic document and so the content may change daily.  

Have you found some resources that you found helpful for use in your classes?  If so, please add to the conversation by adding a link to the resource in the comments.


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