Two Billion Miles

There has been nothing more consistent in the news than the recent events from the Middle East.  Most certainly, it’s been high in profile here in Essex County.

‘Everything is more beautiful here’: Syrian refugees adapt to new life in Windsor

It’s a time when being connected pays off in the classroom.

There hasn’t been time to write a textbook for new curriculum to discuss refugees and their trials and trips to freedom.

Channel 4 news from the UK has developed an interactive website that lets you at least experience part of the trip.

Sit back and allow your computer to go full screen (wonderful for a display on a data projector in the classroom).  You’ll be experiencing images from the region and the opportunity to make decisions about what to do next.

It’s a perfect opportunity to have your maps out and to dig into the issues of our times.   Discussion among the class will be important as you determine what to do next and why.

It’s not your usual ya-da ya-da ya-da pick an adventure game and I wouldn’t recommend using it in class without teacher direction and focused discussion.

Where does your travel end?  Can you redo it and end in a different location?  I went through a number of scenarios and couldn’t find one that landed me in Canada.



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