Edmettle today

Last week, someone had asked Brian Aspinall if he had some screenshots to show how Edmettle worked.  Brian sent him a link to my blog post where I had kicked the tires on Edmettle, at his request. That’s how I knew; it wasn’t that my ears were burning, I keep a tab open in Hootsuite to follow any discussion about this blog.

It was kind of an anniversary; I had written the post almost a year ago.  I jokingly told him that it was the cheapest advertising that he’s ever had.

I do remember spending a day or so going around looking here and looking there as a teacher, parent, and then as a student.  For the blog post, I had captured a number of screen shots at each level.  The interface had been crafted to be Facebook-ish looking.  It was crisp and clear and you could easily see how students and parents could work their way through it to find what they wanted.

I was curious about how it looked today and my browser had recorded my security credentials.  But, the account wasn’t recognized so I was probably axed for not using it.  That’s OK because it sounds like it may change.

In a private conversation with Brian, I asked him how things were going and what was next.  He shared some thoughts and the future plans do sound promising and even more accessible for all.  I’ve invited him to write a guest post for here to provide a followup and to share his vision for the future of the product.  Hopefully, we’ll all get the scoop soon.

In the meantime, if you’re interested, you’re welcome to read the original post.  The original premise is still valid.


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