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I was tagged in a Twitter message by @howweremember on Monday and headed over to check it out.  I was already following Historica Canada and this is an account from the same folks.

After checking it out, and at their request, I did share the message further.

Historica is sponsoring a writing and art contest for students to reflect and share thoughts about Canada in the First and Second World Wars.  The website is devoted to the project.

On the opening page, the stage is set for participation in the project with a nice set of inquiry questions.

The website is rich in resources as you would expect from Historica.  A poster suitable for display on your class website or wiki is available by clicking on the link in this followup message from them.

This December is considerably different from most and thoughts and media are focusing on many global issues.  Participation in this project would allow students to do some research on their own to understand Canada’s participation in past wars.

Once the writing or artwork is complete, it’s uploaded to the contest via their website. Very explicit and complete instructions are there for both the research and how to submit to the contest.

Of course, permission and teacher sponsorship is required.

The contest closes on December 15.

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