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It’s that time of year.  Progressive educators are evaluating the concept of the “Hour of Code” and deciding if it fits into their classroom learning.

We see comments from school districts “We support the Hour of Code” which roughly translates to “We won’t dock you an hour of pay if you try.  Knock yourself out.”.  Haters who hate will be coming out of the woodwork to claim that it’s just a scam by commercial interests to promote a product.

If you can get by all that, the Hour of Code is a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers, schools, parents and the community to experience the thrill that comes when you make that electronic object do your bidding.  Supporters of the concept, myself included, want others to feel that glorious feeling when you conquer the machine and make it do something that you want.

The Hour of Code concept has been wildly successful as this graphic from the Hour of Code website indicates.


How many other initiatives can claim such global appeal?

Just up the 401, the Toronto District School Board has put together an absolutely incredible resource website to support its teachers involved with this initiative.


And, of course, since it’s published to the web in a Google site, it’s available to the world and just a click away.  In addition to the visible, there’s the invisible.  A link provides TDSB educators with a starter kit.

I think that Julie Balen summed it up very nicely.

 TDSB sets the bar!

I would echo her sentiments and encourage all to take a look at the resource.  It could be the start of something beautiful for you and your students.  Is your district doing something similar?  Why not?

And it shouldn’t stop there.  An hour is simply a tasty sampler.  How can you extend the concepts to make coding a regular activity in the classroom?  Now that so many of the resources are on the web, there’s nothing to installed so that excuse goes away.

Just fire up your browser and dig in.

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  1. Really excited. Just about to start direction words in French, as preparation. I think my younger FSL students will be thrilled about the Minecraft environment this year, and I hope to set my coding club loose on the Star Wars space this afternoon. And I always, always love the opportunity to let my students create a holiday card in our second language, while learning about coding at the same time.

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