The computer decides

Sometimes, it’s tough to make a decision so why not let your computer do it for you?

And here’s just the tool for it.  It’s called WheelDecide.

The default wheel when you visit the site helps you decide what to choose for dinner!

There’s a nice collection of offerings to play with, including the results from a Magic Eight Ball. 

Or, create your own.  In an election, for example, when the three parties were too close to call, maybe the computer has the insight.

Dang, this thing is good.  I only had to try three times to get the result correct.

Will it work on an iPad.  Yes, you’re covered there.

Think of all the times when you use a spinner for math, probability, or just decision making.  This web tool can easily replace it.

Give it a try.

Author: dougpete

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5 thoughts on “The computer decides”

  1. Now there’s a fond memory, Alfred. Me too. Perhaps most CS teachers? I certainly didn’t have all the graphics that are shown here. I think that this example would be a nice followup where the user gets to determine the number of slices on the wheel and then the content. It would also be interesting to do on a mobile device and check for a device shake to start the process.


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