Getting the order right

In my post yesterday, I anguished over six words.

My 20th Century mind told me the order was wrong.

It should have read “I learn.  I share.  You judge.”

After all, shouldn’t you know what you’re talking about before you share it?

In the original draught, it was that way.  But that didn’t seem right either.


Because I don’t learn like that anymore.

My first inclination, in the morning, is to get online and start to read stories that are curated for me by the applications that I use for just this purpose.  When there’s something that piques my curiosity, I hit the Twitter share button and out it goes.  It doesn’t always mean that I know the complete ins and outs of the topic.

Later, I’ll go to my Hootsuite tab and take a look at what I’ve shared and start to dig in for some serious research and learning.  What really puts it over the top happens when those who I interact with have jumped in with their thoughts, resources, ideas, concerns, warnings, etc.  It’s a wonderful reminder that I don’t have to learn in isolation.  It’s what happens when you engage with really smart people.  It’s so vastly different from taking a “course” where the topics are sequenced according to the curriculum.  It’s just in time learning and I’m the determining factor as to whether it’s appropriate for me, whether I need to do further research, or ignore the concept altogether.

I don’t think I ever dreamed of learning that way in high school or university.  There, the sequence was clear.

My 21st Century mind is OK with this new way of learning.

I stand by the revised words.



  1. Doug, I like your thinking here. I’m still trying to decide if I agree. Even in your example, I wonder if you still “learn” before you share. Does learning mean that we need to know everything, or does learning look different now, as we learn more thanks to our regular interactions with others? Social media allows for even more diversity of these voices, as we can so easily connect with people from everywhere that do any number of things. I’d be curious to know what others think about this!

    I will say, if all three things are happening, does the order actually matter? I can certainly see “judging” happening at the end, but maybe learning and sharing even happen around the same time … especially with an ease in sharing. You definitely have me thinking this morning, Doug!



  2. Point well made, Aviva. Perhaps I should change it to “learn deeper”. Most certainly, there’s a great deal that I read and ignore. In the big scheme of things, you’re probably right. The order isn’t all that important. My reality is that I now do it in this order, quietly, so that I have time to learn before the dog wakes up. That throws a wrench into any personal plans!

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  3. I almost think the I learn could bracket the I share. I learn. I share. I learn. I share again, and so on, as the iterative cycle continues. If you want to jump in to add to the learning, please do. The door is open, always.

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