Getting the order right

In my post yesterday, I anguished over six words.

My 20th Century mind told me the order was wrong.

It should have read “I learn.  I share.  You judge.”

After all, shouldn’t you know what you’re talking about before you share it?

In the original draught, it was that way.  But that didn’t seem right either.


Because I don’t learn like that anymore.

My first inclination, in the morning, is to get online and start to read stories that are curated for me by the applications that I use for just this purpose.  When there’s something that piques my curiosity, I hit the Twitter share button and out it goes.  It doesn’t always mean that I know the complete ins and outs of the topic.

Later, I’ll go to my Hootsuite tab and take a look at what I’ve shared and start to dig in for some serious research and learning.  What really puts it over the top happens when those who I interact with have jumped in with their thoughts, resources, ideas, concerns, warnings, etc.  It’s a wonderful reminder that I don’t have to learn in isolation.  It’s what happens when you engage with really smart people.  It’s so vastly different from taking a “course” where the topics are sequenced according to the curriculum.  It’s just in time learning and I’m the determining factor as to whether it’s appropriate for me, whether I need to do further research, or ignore the concept altogether.

I don’t think I ever dreamed of learning that way in high school or university.  There, the sequence was clear.

My 21st Century mind is OK with this new way of learning.

I stand by the revised words.

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